90’s kids

Welcome back! You probably don’t know this about me but, I am a die hard 90’s kid at heart. I love all things from the 90’s. The music, the clothes, the hair! What I love most about the 90’s though is the simplicity that life gave us. We literally went outside after breakfast and played all day. We didn’t have cell phones attached to us at all times. Our parents taught us to be trustworthy and to do the right thing.

That doesn’t mean we always did! We certainly had our share of groundings for turning the dial back on our watches so we came home an hour later professing how our watch battery must have died and then miraculously restarted an hour later!

What we did have though was a community of families that were all in this thing together. We did life TOGETHER. Parents helped parent other peoples kids. Yep you heard that right, my Momma had eyes EVERYWHERE! I asked so many times, “How did you know that I wasn’t where I said I was?” My mom would look at me and say with squinted eyes that bore right into my soul, “I have spies everywhere.” If that didn’t put the fear of the Lord into you I don’t know what would!

What was so great about the 90’s really was the simplicity. So how do we recreate that time today? I don’t believe that there are any perfect people in the world and we are all learning as we go, but maybe we can get back to a place where stuff doesn’t matter so much and spending time with people is the most important part of your day.

Now I hear you in the back pew, shouting AMEN, or maybe your saying oh here’s another hippie that hates technology! I must confess I do like technology. I don’t know how to use it well, but the little I know I do like. However there is a lot of stuff out there today that weighs us down. It keeps us from experiencing life to its fullest.

I realized after a few months of trying to work towards a more minimal life, that I was bombarded day in and day out with ads for more stuff! I did my best to not respond but one walk by bath and body works and I knew my house NEEDED to smell like fresh lavender and eucalyptus! (Now insert that AMEN from the back pew!) Not only will my house smell lovely but wouldn’t you know that sucker is ON SALE too! It must be destiny. Inner warrior that desperately wants less stuff screaming Nooooooo on the inside was once again pushed deep down and I strolled inside to purchase that new wallflower.

I am not perfect. I still yearn for my home to smell good and for my house to be a place that is warm and inviting. Yet here’s the thing, would I have even yearned for that wallflower or cozy blanket had I not been bombarded by ads. Be honest, last time you opened your email, how many of those contained an ad or coupon for a store you may have shopped at once or a thousand times? I know just this morning I had three emails from places telling me they were having a sale. Now I will have you know I am a Bargain Hunter! I love to find something that is such a deal you would be plain silly to pass it up.

Here’s the big picture though, ask yourself if this will have a home in your home. Does it have a place where it will live? Is it a need or just a want? Will you still Love it once it is in your home and there for 6 months or a year? If the answer is no then give it a hard pass. You work hard for your money, don’t waste it on something that satisfies for just the moment.

So where do you start and how? If you feel like you are just feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, start small. Us michiganders love us a “Junk Drawer!” Start there. Get in there and remove anything that hasn’t been used in awhile. How many pens can one drawer really hold?! Once you clean that move onto something else. I know it can seem overwhelming, but just do a little at a time. This isn’t about making your home picture perfect, this is about making things simpler so the next time you need a pen you can actually find one that works!

Start small and then work up to that closet you have been saying needs to be sifted through. Trust me once you get going you will get energized to keep moving forward. Before long you will be peacefully sipping a Koolaid Jammer on the back deck in your neon bathing suit with a side pony rocking out to some New Kids on the Block reliving your glory days.

Now that is the “Right Stuff!”

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