10 Things to Stop Buying to Simplify Your Life

I am so excited to share some of my favorite ways to simplify your life today. These are things that may seem like common sense but are also sometimes harder to let go of than you may think. Let us keep in mind that everything we own, also owns us. If you own it, you need to care for it, maintain it. That takes time, energy and sometimes is even a financial burden. So let’s get right to it. What can you let go of today to simplify for tomorrow?


Trendy clothes are what we consider to be in style at the time. They could be certain colors, a certain dress style (I’m talking to you maxi dress), shoes, anything that has a shelf life. These items come and go like the wind. Every season brings forth new items. That is how consumerism works. We see these latest styles everywhere and it sparks something in us that says, “Oh my goodness, that is so cute. I love that!” Before you head to the store to purchase ask yourself if this is something that will stand the test of time? Will this still be something I can wear in a few years. Instead of looking for trends, look for timeless. Timeless items last longer and are classic. They don’t go out of style and you won’t need to run out and buy new ones every season.


You guys I am a sucker for House decor. I love making my home feel cozy and inviting. I am not saying take all your decor out of your home and donate every item. I am saying pick pieces that will still be your favorite in a few years. If it changes with the seasons, let it go. Now I am a huge Christmas fan. I love the lights, the trees, the nativity, everything. I plan to tackle my collection of Christmas again this year, as that is one area that I have had a hard time letting go. However, the items that need to be taken down as the seasons change I am letting go of. I had decor for every holiday! I found I was overwhelmed by my mantle with each new season or holiday. It was becoming more work that it is worth. So I simplified. Let go and move on!


I might lose some of you here. I know that candles smell lovely and they make you find that place of rest and relaxation. I am okay with that. What we don’t need however is a candle in each room and several of the same scent. I used to hoard my candles like they may never make a scent I like again! I seriously had a bin dedicated to my favorite sugar cookie scented candles. Now instead of running to the store to get more candles, I only buy them when I have burned the last of it and can throw it away. I don’t buy more while I still have one.


Stay with me! I know we all love our books. I love to read, and write, and books have a special place in my heart. Here’s the great thing though, there are libraries! We don’t need to own books. We can borrow them from the library and return them. We still get the pleasure of reading it without actually owning it, which in turn owns us. Keep reading!


Something that comes to your mailbox every month. This can range from magazines to cleaning products. In order to simplify we have to stop the flow of incoming items. My love language is gifts. I love receiving gifts. I understand the feeling of joy that comes with each new package or magazine. However I also began seeing this as a burden. I now had to find a place to home this new item. Instead I chose to stop the item from coming all together. Problem solved!


We live in a time when getting the latest iPhone only lasts about 6 months before they start previewing the newest version. Maybe you are one of those people who loves technology and yearns for the latest and greatest. If you are not, then I suggest holding on to what you have until there is a need to get something new. The time will come when your phone, tablet, or laptop stops working properly. At that time go for it and upgrade, but don’t upgrade just to upgrade.


I can’t believe I am actually writing this. I love to clean. Honestly you guys, it brings me such joy! I love the way my home smells after cleaning. So I am in no way telling you to stop cleaning your home. There are just other ways to clean rather than purchasing more cleaning supplies. The first way is with vinegar. You guys this is the stuff that makes my windows and shower sparkle! It is so effective and cheap. The second is essential oils. You can use essential oils for so much and cleaning is no exception.


I know what you are thinking, my kid needs toys. I agree, every child does need toys but not to the extent we have thought. When your child has fewer toys it allows them to grow creatively. They are not forced to play with items for moments before being distracted by something else. Giving them fewer toys gives them the opportunity to think clearly and stay focused. They can truly get lost in play time and not feel the pull of distraction. Not sold, then try this, take half the toys away and put them somewhere secret. Allow your kids a couple weeks to try this out. Then come back here and allow me to give you a big fat, “I told you so!”


This one wasn’t super hard for me. I am not much of a jewelry or purse gal. I like a few items and tend to wear only those. If you are a big fan of accessories though, this may be hard for you. Trust though, that you have all you need and don’t need more. This goes hand in hand with the trendy clothing. Shoes, watches, earrings, necklaces, etc. These items are fun but unnecessary. You can look just as put together wearing a classic earring as you would with the trendy earrings. So don’t buy more, just keep the ones you use most and discard the rest


I am going there. We buy so much food that ends up in the trash. I am guilty of this myself. I have purchased items while shopping that look like something I would like in the moment. Instead of buying impulsively, stick to your list. If you are a meal planner, plan ahead and don’t go off your list. If you are not a meal planner I suggest trying it out. It isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. I started with meals I knew everyone likes. I bought only the ingredients I needed for those meals. This way you go in with a plan to use each item. You will have less waste and it simplifies your days.

Every item we buy in return owns a small piece of us. In order to simplify we have to make choices to do just that. If you have been reading my other posts you would know that I have talked a lot about decluttering, but I have to say that isn’t the biggest part of a simpler lifestyle. The bigger thing is to stop bringing more items in. You have to stop that in flow in order to be successful. You can get rid of everything you own, and if you continue to fill the space back up with more new items, you will never get to your end goal.

Stay motivated and trust the process!


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