A Day In The Life

Wake up, get showered, head downstairs to make breakfast, hug sleepy kids as they make their way down the stairs, pack lunches, pack backpacks, kiss kids goodbye as they head off to school, come home, drink hot coffee…

While most days our routine looks pretty much the same, there are days when things are crazy and we are rushing to get out the door before we are late to school. Previous to minimalism, I found myself always having something to do instead of drinking that hot coffee. I would have to get to the grocery store, or make a return at the department store, or find yet another excuse to browse the Craft store! My days look different now and I am excited to share the changes with you.

Now when I get home and I am having my hot coffee, I also use this time to write out my thoughts for topics for my blog. Once my coffee is finished, I begin my bible reading for the day and prayer time. It’s a time for me to Thank God for all that I have, and ask for direction for the day ahead. It’s also a time that I put aside everything else, and make time to listen and be still before the Lord.

I said before I am not much of a lover of working out, so I am compromising. I am finding taking longer walks during my day, gives me time to relax, and also get my body moving. This is a small change that anyone can make. You may find that getting a walk in helps your body feel better and more relaxed. If you are someone that loves a good heavy workout, then go for it! The point is to find time to move your body.

I know not everyone is a stay at home mom, so your days will look different than mine. I can only speak for myself and my family when I address the changes in our home. With that being said, find time to do some things that you are passionate about. Write down your goals. When I first started this journey, I didn’t have any idea what minimalism would do for me. I just wanted to clear my home of clutter, and be able to find rest. Little did I know, Minimalism, had bigger plans for me.

Little did I know, Minimalism, had bigger plans for me.

Kelly hoover

What can I do now that I couldn’t before? I started by telling you about my prayer time, my blogging, and taking walks. While those don’t seem like major life changes, for me they were. It isn’t necessarily the actions that go into those things, but the relaxation. Have you ever been doing something you enjoy, yet can’t seem to fully enjoy it? While reading a book by your favorite author, you seem to be thinking still about the laundry, the dishes, the errands, that project? I was always thinking about what I wasn’t getting done when I was doing something for me. I couldn’t just rest.

I know this may come as a surprise, but being a stay at home mom, does come with more than just kissing babies, and making dinner. I am the house keeper, the taxi driver, the landscaper, the project manager, the time manager, and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. I really do. I just couldn’t take all of my hats off at once and give myself time to enjoy the moment. That all changed when minimalism entered the scene!

These days, I am enjoying the moments because I don’t have 100 things pulling me in other directions. I can read a book and not feel like I should be doing the laundry or dishes. Those things take a mere fraction of the time they used to. I can keep on top of it all instead of feeling like I’m constantly playing catch up.

So while my days may look different than yours, I am sure minimalism will afford you with more time to do the things you enjoy most too. Why not try it? What do you really have to lose?

Here are some questions to get you started on your own journey.

If I had more time what would I do with it?

What have I always wanted to do, but for any reason couldn’t?

What can I give up, so I have more time for self care?

If I give up some items in my home, will it make my housework easier?

What am I most passionate about?

While answering those questions, be as honest with yourself as you can. DREAM BIG! Don’t feel restrained to think within the box you have made for yourself. This is your time to really let go, and live! I would love to hear some of your answers and see any changes that you have made to make those dreams a reality!

Live Simply,

Kelly Hoover

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