Minimalism For The Win!

I am so excited to share with you all some of my favorite things about minimalism! Yesterday I promised I would give you some insight into some of the best ways to fill your new found time since going minimalist. Let me begin with a little story of my day yesterday. I woke up feeling pretty good, so I got showered and ready for my day. I took the kids to school, then proceeded to get some laundry done and declutter my bathroom. Then I had a dentist appointment that took just over an hour. I decided to meet a friend and go for a 3.5 mile walk. I came home and saw that my pup had an accident in the house, so I proceeded to clean the carpets. After my walk and doing the heavy lifting of washing carpets, I decided to take a bath. When I was done with all of that it was time to head to pick my kids up from school. Some times our days are not what we had planned and we can easily feel overwhelmed.

Why am I sharing my entire day with you? Since minimalism, what would have exhausted me and made me feel out of sorts, instead was no sweat off my back. I had time to do the things I enjoyed! My day wasn’t exactly how I would have planned it, but because I have more free time, the hiccups didn’t cause me to want to crawl back in bed and start my day over! I actually sent my husband a text saying “Minimalism for the Win!” So how would you spend your days if you had more time to do what you enjoy?

Today I am going to share 15 of my favorite things to fill your time when going minimalist. When you choose minimalism all of the sudden you may find yourself wondering how best to fill your days. When I spent my days shopping for everything I thought I “needed” I literally wasted HOURS of my day. When I decided to stop the habits that kept me “busy” I found I had freedom to enjoy life on my terms. So this is a list of my 15 favorite activities!

  1. READ Get a good book (or a blog you like, ahem) and make time to enjoy it. Or better yet, read a novel to your kids. Quality time with them is always a win in my book!
  2. EXERCISE Do something active every single day. No excuses!
  3. WALK Get outside and simply walk. Don’t put in earphones, just be present.
  4. HELP SOMEONE Know someone that could use some help, find the time to lend a hand!
  5. DECLUTTER FRIENDS HOMES Kind of joking, but no really, if you have found yourself with extra time and you know friends that could use the help, get in there and help them get rid of stuff that is weighing them down!
  6. VOLUNTEER Schools can always use help! Find somewhere that could use the extra hand and make it a priority.
  7. BIKE RIDE I love to just take a ride. This is such a great way to get outdoors and also spend quality time with your family.
  8. WATCH A MOVIE I would save this one for a rainy day! Sometimes you just need to put up your feet and relax.
  9. HIKE My family absolutely loves to hike the trails. Find a trail close by and get outside!
  10. PLANT A GARDEN There is really not many things better than getting your hands into some soil! The reward of good home grown food!
  11. PLAY GAMES This can be anything, cards, board games, or outdoor games!
  12. MAKE MEALS WITH KIDS My kids are always asking to learn how to cook. Now that I have more time, I am teaching them some of my favorite recipes.
  13. TEACH KIDS A NEW CRAFT I love spending time making things with my kids. Sometimes it’s an actual craft and other times, it something like building things with dad. Kids can do so much more than we think. Teach them useful things!
  14. CAMP This is my all time favorite summer activity! We love to spend time together in the peaceful serenity of nature.
  15. PLAY SPORTS Who doesn’t love playing a quick game of volleyball, basketball, or the like? If you haven’t played in awhile don’t worry, its just fun to be out there! My kids are so much better at basketball than I am, but they still love playing with me!

Minimalism seeks to remove the frivolous and keep the significant.

When I chose minimalism I didn’t think it would make a great impact on my day to day life. I really didn’t believe all the hype that this would give me more time in my schedule and the freedom to do more. Since going minimalist, I can honestly say that my days are no longer filled with stress and anxiety. I have found freedom to do what I love most. Minimalism seeks to remove the frivolous and keep the significant. When we put that in the spotlight, we can make better choices for how we want to spend our time.

I recently heard a statistics that is so baffling to me. We use 20% of items we own 80% of the time. Think about that for just a moment. We are only truly using 20% of what we own! So why do we keep the other 80% of stuff that we rarely use?! It really is mind boggling! What if you chose to decrease the amount of stuff you manage, and put the time you would have spent managing to good use?

We use 20% of items we own 80% of the time.

Another thought that has stuck with me this week, is that we consume so many items, that are advertised to make our lives simpler, yet we actually don’t have the time to use them. I think of my kids toy room. When they had loads of toys they rarely had the time to play with them all. Instead they were just sitting in a heap on the floor. There are just not enough hours in the day for them to play with each toy. When we simplified our toys, we were given the freedom to choose what stayed. My kids chose items that they knew they enjoyed playing with, and now they have more time to play, because they are not searching for toys in a room that is disorganized and filled to the brim.

Doesn’t minimalism sound attractive? I know that the leap to minimalism can seem scary. If you are ready to get your feet wet and try it out for yourself, I can tell you, you won’t regret it! I would love to hear how you are minimizing and simplifying your life!

Live Simply Friends,

Kelly Hoover

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