Quiet the Voice of Want

Quiet the Voice of Want…

Our lives revolve around consumerism and stuff. We buy more and more, and frankly have little to show for it. Yet, I too, know that quiet voice telling you to shop more. I grew up in a home where we bought a new outfit for every special occasion. These were not always brand new items from the store, sometimes we found amazing deals at thrift stores. However, that was ingrained in me to purchase something new, for every event. As an adult, I found old habits hard to beat. Until I chose to pursue a life of less. There is hope, and promise in what I am about to tell you to quiet that voice inside.

When you feel the desire to shop for something new, consider why you feel this way. Is this simply because it is habit, or maybe even, dare I say, addiction? Could it be that you have never taken another path and so you know no different? Asking yourself first and foremost, why you have the desire is a good place to start. If it was on impulse, or addiction or boredom, choose to say no.

Could it be, that you have never taken another path, and so you know no different?

Kelly Hoover

Consider your priorities. Why are you choosing to live minimally? For my family it was about simplicity. I was sick of managing all that was coming into our home. Laundry piled high, dishes in the sink, clothes I never actually wore, toys, gadgets, craft supplies, etc. I felt drained by all my stuff. None of it actually spoke life into me, instead it caused me stress even when I wasn’t staring it in the face. It was on my silent to do list. So we simplified our home and found it functioned 100% better than before.

When I consider making a purchase I have to decide if it actually goes along with my priorities. If it doesn’t then I choose to move along and leave it in the store. If you are anything like me, though, it took time before the voice within quit shouting at me to consume. I started by not watching tv, or listening to ads. After a month of reducing the amount of ads I heard, I found my mind quieting and the need to shop for something new, fading away.

The more time I spent doing things I wanted, in place of shopping, I found the happier I was. I truly was tired of keeping up with it all. I didn’t care if we had everything that everyone else had. I was content in my home and with my family.

Once I stopped allowing myself to feel the shame and guilt of not having it all, I found a deeper peace. When I look at my life now, I still have things, but now my things are manageable. We still have our share of board games, books and outside toys. Those things we will keep, because they bring us together as a family, and help us create space for quality time together.

Once I stopped allowing myself to feel the shame and guilt, of not having it all, I found deeper peace.

Kelly Hoover

Being intentional is one of the greatest gifts of minimalism. Not just with your purchases, with your time, your energy, your health. As we cultivate our desire for an intentional life, we quiet the voice once more of consumerism. When we fill the space that was being stolen from us with consumption, we find the voice slowly is growing quiet.

Finally the way to silence the voice of consumerism, it to simply be grateful. Have a deep gratitude towards life. Be thankful for all you have, all you do, and all you are. When we can be thankful for the little things in life, we begin to only allow our hearts and minds to be filled with good.

Simply be grateful.

Kelly Hoover

If you are ready to embark on your own journey of simple living, I would love to help you. This life of less is so much more.

Live Simply Friends,’

Kelly Hoover

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